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Outsourcing your company’s work saves valuable time and gives more flexibility for you to focus on production and distribution. But as a business owner, the most important detail that you need to consider is how all of this will affect the total cost. The beauty of outsourcing is the ability to change fixed costs into variable costs. Variable costs are relative to the goods and services that a business produces. As the cost regularly fluctuates, there is an opportunity for a lesser need for money.

High fixed costs are a burden especially for startups and small businesses. Outsourcing work for cost conversion not only boosts productivity but helps you save money. There are many areas in your business that fall under the fixed costs component.



Hiring sales representatives is more economical than having a full-time team. Outsourcing lets you avoid basic monthly wages, benefits, and incentives, which will still flow despite a lack of sales. Sales representatives, however, work on a percentage basis effectively converting fixed cost to variable. Discontinuing services are also less costly than having to replace a permanent worker.



Businesses that offer visible products require space, facilities, and equipment for production and storage. Purchasing and renting requires a lot of money and is easily avoided by dealing with third party services that can provide manufacturing, warehousing, and maintenance. Imagine saving costs on operations, staff recruitment, system installations, and maintenance.



Third party service providers can easily handle functions from human resources to finance and legal to administration. Your business can avoid paying for paperwork, computers, systems, and manpower by outsourcing administrative work. As this area takes up too much time and generate no revenue, outsourcing it is the most economical move you can make.



Producing content for your business requires too many components that are costly. Hiring agencies lets you access teams that are creative and experts in their field to provide relative and effective content for publishing, marketing, informative, and administrative purposes. Content such as videos, articles, white papers, press releases, and copies are now available from one single source. No more worrying about finding talented permanent employees and purchasing the latest and best equipment.


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