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Lucrative Email Marketing From 121 Outsource Specialists

121 Outsource email marketing specialists understand how delicate the impact of targeted emails to leverage your conversions. Designing curated content for emails to target your audience interest, 121 Outsource experts increase your brand awareness, draw inbound traffic and generate high-quality leads.

If your business is struggling with your content marketing efforts, it’s time to count on email as your new marketing powerhouse. In fact, 59% of B2B marketers claim that email is the most effective strategy in generating more revenue. 121 Outsource email marketing specialists help you come up with industry-grade email campaigns that open up limitless possibilities for your brand to convert a huge amount of leads.

Why Choose 121 Outsource Professionals for Your Email Marketing Efforts?


From content curation efforts, direct response approach to audience segmentation, 121 Outsource email marketing specialists are well-versed in advancing your efforts to reaching out to your customers. Our professionals help fine-tune your funnel by ensuring that all elements are coherent in your email marketing campaigns to give your audience a personalized experience.

Intelligent Email Marketing Targeting

121 Outsource email marketing specialists help you identify your target market and find the pulse of your audience. Through intelligent competitor research and benchmarking, to understanding your customer interests, our email marketing professionals take you by the hand in creating successful campaigns, boosting your ROI to a tenth-fold.

Fail-Proof Email Marketing Feedback and Analysis

121 Outsource email marketing specialists take charge of monitoring and reporting feedback for your campaign. Through knowledgeable analysis and factual A/B testing, our email marketing professionals help you come up with better campaign ideas for optimal results.

Curated Content Designed Specifically for Your Brand

Using industry knowledge from detailed research, internal subject matter expertise and proven best practices from previous campaigns, 121 email marketing specialists will help you come up with email content personalized and tailored-fit to every person who’ll be receiving it. Our email marketing professionals know what it takes to boost your CTR and checkouts with highly-effective email campaigns.

Informative, Interest-Driven Newsletter Creation

121 Outsource email marketing specialists help you come up with campaigns that resonate with your audiences on a personal level. Tied up with fine-tuned content marketing and creation, our email marketing specialists help your brand produce newsletters that educate and entice your subscribers, taking them one step ahead of the funnel by making a purchase.

Up-To-Date Email List Maintenance

Keep your leads warm and nurture them from customer acquisition, onboarding to snagging another sale with the help of 121 Outsource email marketing specialists. 121 Outsource email marketing specialists keep your email list updated by removing unengaged subscribers and monitor your contact’s engagement.

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