Brand Identity Design

To create a lasting impression on your industry and your audience, your brand needs to have it’s own distinct personality. By creating a coherent and consistent identity for your brand, your business will be recognisable by one logo or a series of colours – visual codes that communicate the central message of your company. If you want to be remembered and to increase your levels of engagement, constructing a brand identity is key.

This is one of the most valuable investments that a business can make, the return will continue for years to come. Look to some of the most iconic brands, Apple or Nike, and you will find that there is a core symbol, logo or colour scheme which you can immediately associate with the company. You can introduce the power of brand identity into your business by trusting in our design team at 121 Outsource.

The design team at 121 Outsource

Look no further than the brand identity design experts at 121 Outsource to take your brand to new heights. Our graphic design team will work closely with you to be sure that we fully understand the ethos and mission of your company, this will produce visuals that are meaningful to you and your audience. We pride ourselves in our dedication to research and competitor evaluation, to ensure that your brand’s look will stand out from the crowd.

Our services span from brand, print, product and packaging design – all created in a coherent fashion to provide your company with a consistent and digestible visual presence. We consider your requirements for colour profiles, typography, email content and website design to meticulously construct your brand identity.

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