Freelance Product Designer

A product designer is a multifaceted, user experience focused role. The core mission of a product designer is to solve user’s problems during the creation process. The product designer will use journey maps, wireframes, prototypes and high-fidelity designs to create a final solution to the initial design “problem”. These professionals are focused on how an app is going to be used by a particular demographic.

Product designers have many names, sometimes known as UI/UX designers or Experience Architects – they are highly skilled, innovative and creative.

The designers at 121 Outsource

If you are looking for an outcome that’s practical, effective and useable, look no further than the freelance product designer team at 121 Outsource. We can help to build your app so it’s the most useful and engaging that it can be, ensuring that it’s going to grow your business.

Our product designers will work with you to understand the function that you want your app to serve, so as we can create the right outcome for your market. Once a mockup has been completed we will evaluate and test meticulously to guarantee that your app is operating at the most useful level that it can be.

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By tailoring your online platforms to your users, you will be sure to grow and retain your digital outreach. Connect with our talented team to explore your options further.