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Many business activities today are being outsourced to reap the benefits in productivity and cost. From administrative work and system installations, there are many solutions available today that saves time and money for businesses. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is the delegation of legal work to third-party service providers.

One of the benefits of outsourcing include the option to select services that operate in locations with lower wages. LPO used to be a complicated due to many negative experiences that companies had with offshore services. Things have taken a more positive turn today with advances in communication and connectivity making collaborations between legal firms, legal departments, and LPO providers easier and more secure.

The changes in legal business culture has shifted LPO center stage with firms and legal departments becoming more transparent in using LPO. Some clients even request the use of LPO to reduce the cost of routing legal work. Legal businesses today have reduced their reliance on external counsel. Unbundling legal services through LPO are often applied on a per-project basis.



Like any other outsourcing services, LPO offers a cost saving and predictable solution for legal businesses. LPO helps give these businesses more speed and the means to have more flexibility. With fluctuating tasks from clients and other workload, LPO is scalable to suit whatever the needs are.

For business that require extended working hours, offshore LPO providers that operate in different time zones are the best options. This increases efficiency in maintaining the productivity rate on a 24/7 basis. Using LPO providers that are equipped with the best of modern technology and capable of handling large-scale work allows legal businesses to concentrate on more valuable and profitable activities.



There are many challenges that come with LPO that businesses should be aware of. From managing risk and relationships to expectations and outcomes, legal businesses need to find LPO providers that have the right skills and the ability to produce quality work at deadlines. Like any outsourcing tasks, communication and maintaining a healthy partnership is the key to the success of LPO.

Concerns for control and security are factors that have stunted the overall acceptance of LPO. Some companies opt for in-house work with some building their own offshore offices.


Success factors

As the challenges for LPO are known, establishing a beneficial and sustainable partnership is a process that requires understanding of the expectations and results. For legal businesses, identifying the needs ensures that the proper services and solutions are being used to handle the tasks. Projects should be well-planned with the right details provided to the LPO providers.

Security and trust are important when handing work for outsourcing. Paying a visit to the LPO providers’ site and meeting with the people responsible for the work helps build a personal connection between parties.


With significant research and a productive communication between all parties involved, clients are sure to see the pay off in ROI and productivity. Legal process outsourcing has a variety of offerings that draws many law firms and service providers. The economic challenges today have made LPO an important and strategic option for benefits and solutions to many business issues.


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