Expand your business’ ability to deliver and grow with our highly specialised offshore staffing services. We do more than find you the right talent: our managed resources for digital outsourcing services help you shape and sustain your workforce to create the most skilled, most engaged, most cost-effective solutions available. From office set up, to IT support, creative and marketing development to payroll and office management, our offshore staffing services perfectly pair your business with the most streamline solutions to common HR hiring problems.

Our BPO services are perfect for business owners who want to grow their business without the hefty expense of having to hire, and ultimately fire, the wrong candidate. Consider 121 your best defense when it comes to digital outsourcing services. Don’t join the ranks of other companies who waste thousands of dollars and months in wasted HR resources per ill-advised hire. Do it right the first time. Contact us today.

Finding the ideal person for the job is our business. It’s all we do. One of our managed resources experts can help you find specialised professional perfectly suited for your position.  Expand your team by connecting you to quality skill-sets you need, thus expanding your business’ capabilities for delivery and growth. Let 121 Outsource Managed Resources save you time and money by eliminating the hassle of recruitment, office setup, IT support and payroll. Whether you need a virtual assistant, a graphic designer, a web developer, digital marketing expert or web app developer, we can help. Expand your team without diluting your bottom-line.

See how our offshore staffing services can help you with expertly managed resources.

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Who are Managed
Resources for?

This offering is for business owners who

Want to expand the team through specific Digital skillsets.

Are at over-capacity with their internal team.

Want to develop new service offerings for their business.

Want to do without the enormous cost of human resourcing and the hiring process.

Local or

Local or offshore, the choice is yours! We’ll tailor your team to your needs, providing professionals with industry standard capabilities and qualifications.

Why 121?

Our 121 Specialist Recruitment Program ensures that our professionals are well and qualified for your business requirements. We examine 2 main areas for all our employees:


A measure of our employee capabilities and required skillsets.


A measure of our employee capabilities and required skillsets.

By measuring both technical and soft-skill metrics, we can provide your business with a Managed Resource that is a streamlined operational fit.

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