Android Studio Developers

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE. This is a unified and consistent environment for developers to construct applications for all Android devices.

The focus of the Studio is to enhance productivity when building apps through a series of features and tools. This includes a fast emulator, testing tools and frameworks, C++ support and built in support for the Google Cloud Platform. All of these elements function towards the faster and more efficient production of applications.

Based on Intellij IDEA, Android Studio is a tool that will aid to provide a project with fast turnarounds for coding, workflows and app completion. A significant time saving advancement is the APK Analyzer, which provides an insight into the composition of APK after the coding process has been completed, minimising time spent on debugging issues and helping to reduce APK size. Visual layout editors, intelligent code editors and real time profilers all contribute towards cutting time consuming tasks traditionally required for app development.

Our knowledge and services

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