Firebase Developers

Firebase is a Google backed infrastructure, used to develop mobile applications on Android devices. Firebase provides mobile app developers with added functionality during the building process with features such as analytics, databases, messaging and crash reporting. These aspects mean that the development process is executed with ease and speed, providing the final product with an elevated user experience and faster service.

Firebase is focused on building quality apps that will help to grow a business. Through the implementation of Firebase’s tools, we are able to construct mobile apps that are powerful, scaleable and safe.

121 Outsource’s Services

Our developers use tools such as Google Analytics and Predictions to provide valuable insight into how an app is performing and how visitors are engaging. At 121 Outsource, Firebase enables us to keep on top of your app’s position in the market in comparison to your competitors, putting in the right research generates the right results. The infrastructure’s focus on outreach growth through refining and simplifying user engagement and retention will help us to better understand your audience and how to expand it further.

Additional features such as Crashlytics, Performance Monitoring and Test Lab all contribute to the ongoing monitoring that Firebase is able to provide. This means that we can guarantee that your mobile application will remain competitive and relevant for the long term.

Connect with the expert Firebase developers on our team to discover how we can implement our industry leading skills to enhance your business.