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Objective-C was, at one time, the most popular programming language for Apple’s systems, products and platforms. It was developed from the C language and is object-oriented which has a focus on passing messages to alternate processes. Although the more contemporary Swift language (created in 2014) is growing in its use, the Apple App store accepts programs which have been constructed in Objective-C code.

This language was initially created in the 1980s and became the standard for Apple programming, therefore the code can be trusted due to its many years of tried and tested security. With so many years of maturity under its belt, Objective-C is reliable, safe and comprehensible for app building and development.

The experts at 121 Outsource

Objective-C is stable and easily compatible with C ++. This is because it has developed from a C language, therefore it operates well with products that integrate C or C++. Our team of highly trained Objective-C developers are fully versed in application development using this robust programming language.

At 121 Outsource, we know that for an application for work for you and your business – you need it to be reliable. Our programmers implement Objective-C to ensure that the functionality, security and reliability for an app is at its optimum level. Whether you’re constructing a new app or you want to troubleshoot or update your pre-existing Objective-C code, our experts can help.

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