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Swift is a programming language utilised for the development of Apple iOS systems, applications and web pages. It is the defacto language for building iOS apps and is increasingly favoured amongst Apple developers. Swift is growing in popularity due to its simplicity, performance and emphasis on the construction of safe code.

With a focus on high levels of clarity, Swift ensures that developers are able to write code in an efficient and productive fashion. This language’s functions are executed significantly faster than others that are designed to function with the iOS platform – by implementing Swift, programming language code is quickly built and thus an app is produced at a speedy rate.

Swift supports dynamic libraries, enabling a reduction of app size and consequently quicker usage and downloads. It also allows the creation of cross-platform applications based on iOS/OS X, meaning that the development language can be used in alternate environments.

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Our talented team of swift developers are experts in Swift, XCode and iOS app development, knowledgeable in UI/UX design requirements, proficient with the Swift test ecosystem and have a firm understanding of Apple App store and it’s nuances. By putting your business in our hands, you can feel confident that your final product will be functional and successful, brought to you at an industry leading speed.

We ensure that we have a trained and experienced team of developers to provide your company with the best rate of service possible. We pride ourselves in our innovative team at 121 Outsource, and we guarantee that your collaboration with us will grow your business.

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