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Your Organization Is Looking To Grow

Company Expansion

Offshore corporate structuring can be a valuable tool for all sides when your team is growing, and you want to bring on skills while keeping your overheads under control.

Adding Remote Staff

Your Company has already made the business decision to offshore skill to reduce costs and you are looking for the best solution. Imagine a Plug and Play Staffing alternative, which allows you to scale your offshore team at a rate matching the demands of your organizations growth.

High Standard

To create efficiency, offshoring is about finding well skilled professional staff. There are numerous roles available base in an offshore team. Start with just a few roles and build your team with your business.

Location and Environment

Offshore Team enjoy the same work environment and facilities as your home team! However, the team has to make few small adjustments such as time difference. We ensure that all team members add a second time-zone to their Outlook calendars so it is clear when scheduling meetings.

Remote Management

Easily communicate and manage people as if they were in the same office as you. With the help of IT, managing those virtual team starts will be easy! It is crucial to establish trust within the employees. Having confidence in your remote workers will propel them and your needs to the top.

121 Outsource EaaS

How We Assist You Establish Your Offshore Team Efficiently

Human Resources

Human resources handle many of the matters pertaining to the employees, such as recruiting and benefits management.

  • All advertising and interviews
  • On-boarding

Office Space

Building space dedicated to administrative work for private companies.

  • Secure work environment
  • Onsite Manager, IT ad HR
  • All staff amenities


  • Generous work station
  • Plug and Play Environment with minimal setup time

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) gather information and usually provides a set of IT management tools like trouble ticket tracking, remote desktop monitoring, support and user information through a complete interface.

Payroll & Taxes

Payroll and taxes consist of income taxes as well as Social Security and Medicare taxes, the latter two often referred to as “the payroll tax.”

  • Managed by 121Outsource

IT Support

Technical support and services

  • Dedicated technicians onsite to ensure minimal downtime

Time & Attendance

With processors now, the computerclock inboth time and frequency to ensure that there are records of attendance

  • Included as Part of Secure Work Environment
  • Attendance Logs
  • Security Cameras for additional safety

Floor Management

  • Onsite office Manager
  • Onsite Human Resources
  • Onsite Information Technology

Work Monitoring

To check on productivity at the touch of a button

  • Screen time activityScreen time is effective to check productivity when merge the users’ electronic devices together.
  • URL Monitoring
  • Time stamped screen shotsTime stamped would to command an image capture. The time of the image capture command would be noted by the mission computer.
  • Time Logging for Project Management
  • API direct into your Project Management software (where applicable)

Remote Management:

Transperency and Productivity Monitoring from Anywhere in the World

User Activity Metrices – Mouse & Keyboard Activity

mouse and keyboard activity

Time Stamped Image Capture – Real Time Updates

Time Stamped Image Capture

Drill Down for Full Screen Data

Drill Down for Full Screen Data

Tracking of Apps & URL’s Visited/Used

Tracking of Apps and URLs Visited

Office Environment


  • Happy and Technology Savvy Office Environment
  • English Speaking
  • Well Educated
  • Generous Workstation Space
  • Temperature Controlled, Secure Access with Onsite IT Support

Employees As A Service

Just Some of the IT Development and Professional Services Available



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