To Outsource or Not? Tips on When to Delegate Lead Generation

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When first starting your business, keeping your work and business process close gives you more control. The startup phase is the most easily managed as your workforce is likely relative to the size of your production and development. But as business and the demand for your service or product grows, micromanaging is no longer an option. At this point, outsourcing work becomes a viable option.

To ensure that operations are running smoothly, delegating work to those with the right capacity and expertise is a primary solution. Businesses with properly delegated work are more likely to see growth. Companies that are skillful in delegating work can create more jobs at a fast rate. One of the business processes that companies should outsource when they have obtained growth is B2B lead generation.


Leave lead generation to the experts

Lead generation outsourcing is a beneficial route to take. Companies that plan on tapping into a niche market with larger sales targets should consult lead generation experts. With capable outsource providers, companies can expand to other regions to meet different markets.

There are companies that lack the skills and knowledge in lead generation or have strategies that are no longer effective. Outsourcing gives such companies the option to pay only when these services are required. This eliminates the need to recruit in-house employees and leaves the lead generation efforts to those more qualified to follow the best practices.

The working relationship between companies and outsource providers are crucial to the success of lead generation. Budgeting is more easily managed as service providers can help build a proposal that will fit the requirements of your lead generation campaign.

Outsource service providers are also better equipped to provide metrics-driven feedback. Having the means to gather data and quantifiable feedback will boost the effectiveness of future campaigns and help provide solutions to any setbacks for running campaigns.


A DIY approach

Some companies may prefer an in-house team for lead generation as such practice allows for more privacy. This may heavily depend on the industry such companies deal in. If your company has a product or service that is innovative, many lead generation companies may not have the right knowledge to provide their service accordingly.

Products and services that are complex with many technical aspects are better left to your own employees. This lets you manage your privacy and ensure that clients have the best source of information and support.


Outsourcing work is beneficial for companies as it mitigates costs and reduces the burden of the workforce. However, handling processes such as lead generation requires discretion based on each business needs. Sometimes managing things on your own can be the best solution.


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