.NET Developers

.Net is a framework that comes stocked with programming guidelines for the development of online platforms and applications. This software was developed by Microsoft and is highly flexible, created for a broad range of projects and purposes. .Net is used to build modern, professional and sophisticated sites and apps which are powerful.

Performance, scalability and safety are all secured by implementing .net. This platform is very vast, including, net.core, net.framework, Mono and ML.NET. All of these elements operate to create software that is reliable and high performing. This framework can work with several programming languages to construct server-side operations, building a website that can run on a spectrum of operating systems and different devices.

Why 121 Outsource?

We are committed to the collaborative development process to produce a quality and effective final product. Our team of net developers are experts in quality, efficient and maintainable code that will guarantee the performance of your website. Proficient in C# and VB.NET, our back-end developers are able to execute projects in a quick and organised fashion, working towards your professional website in record time.

At 121 Outsource we understand the importance of a high performing, fast website. That is why we commit ourselves to providing your company with an online presence that’s easy to use, quick and accommodating to high levels of traffic or data.

Our back-end development team will work with you and your business to produce a result that will grow your company. Connect with us to start your process towards a stylised and competitive website now.