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A core aspect of back-end development, PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, runs on the server-side of website construction to ensure a smooth and fast running overall operation. This is an open source scripting language that develops online platforms and applications. Through the construction of scripted code with PHP, tasks are executed quickly and autonomously.

Our PHP developers are fully versed in PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and Zend, as well as database technologies like MySQL and Oracle. We implement our extensive experience towards the construction of a server that will contribute to a website that doesn’t only look professional, but one that functions professionally too.

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The PHP development team at 121 Outsource will enable your web page to be as dynamic and as functional as possible. With our industry leading knowledge on trends and advancements in website construction, your brand will remain highly relevant and competitive in your market. Whether you’re looking to construct an entirely new platform, or you simply want to enhance the practicality and efficiency or your existing webpage, our back-end PHP developers will meet your needs.

We understand that your business is one of a kind, therefore we’re committed to delivering a service that’s customised to you. Our team will work with your business to construct an online presence that truly reflects your brand’s ethos.

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Our industry leading PHP developers will help to create the technological process that will power your entire online platform. Charge your web page with the efficiency and professionalism that your business deserves by connecting with the experts at 121 Outsource.